About Our Firm

Providing Capital, Consulting, and Technology to Innovative Start-up Firms


techuity.in has been investing in small and startup companies for approximately 10 years, with substantial growth in activity from fiscal year 2011.

Founded by Jeremiah Jones, we had our roots as a technology consulting and development company. As more and more startup firms began seeking expert consulting without available capital, we began exchanging consulting and technical services for equity. While not a new concept, this helped form our philosophy of “techuity investing” – a driving force behind our current investment strategy.

Fundamentally, we seek to provide innovate start-up firms with the ability to tap into vast technical expertise, development resources, and seed capital in exchange for a “piece of the pie.”  We maintain a relatively small portfolio with holdings in 5-15 firms at any given time, while also maintaining investments in the public financial sector.

To learn more about our unique approach to investing, please read about our methodology.

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