Launch of Publishing Company, Diminished 7th LC, today, announced the launch of a publishing subsidiary, Diminished 7th LC (website forthcoming) along with the release of an initial publication.  Through the formation and launch of a wholly-owned publication business, the company seeks to provide both print and electronic publishing resources to other subsidiaries as well as new start-up ventures.  Also providing the company with a mechanism to print, publish, and distribute materials related to the concepts and ideals utilized throughout the various holdings within the firm.

Diminished 7th’s initial publication, “Your Money. Your Business. – 6 Business Principles to Advance Your Personal Finances” is a personal finance book that distills 6 fundamental business principles into concepts that can be applied broadly to personal finance.  Intended for audiences seeking to improve or advance their financial situation through more refined and focused financial principles, this publication hopes to provide a fun and simple way for individuals to learn more about business and finance in a way that is immediately applicable and personally enriching.

Diminished 7th will initially be distributing via the Amazon platform as well as Amazon’s printing arm, CreateSpace.  Future distribution channels are forthcoming.  Additional titles in the areas of business and personal development are also forthcoming.