Techuity Sponsors Robotics Club for Girls

Techuity Sponsors Robotics Club for Girls


Odom Eagles Robotics Club for Girls receives cash donation to sponsor STEM learning and a passion for engineering innovation

AUSTIN, TX – At Odom Elementary School, a Title 1 school, Ms. Jones has created a girls robotics club designed to help inspire her students to embrace the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).  Her program has been fund-raising to provide the club with the fees, equipment, and resources needed to participate in the First lego League (FLL).  Over the course of the year, the girls will learn vital skills such as working with machines, robotics, electronics, and computer programming – all with the intent of participating in the FLL competitions during the 2015-20156 season.  From her “DonorsChoose” donation page, Ms. Jones states:

While we have made great strides to increase the number of women with careers in STEM, we still have too many young women who do not believe they are able to participate in such careers.  It is our goal that our robotics team will inspire other girls to seek learning and career opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Techuity, a private early-stage startup investment firm, discovered the donation page via Facebook and decided to take action by fully-funding the Robotics Club request.  Along with the donation, Techuity founder, Jeremiah Jones, stated that, “we need more youth, especially girls, inspired to build our future.”  The donation will go towards the purchase of equipment and resources including a Lego EV3 expansion set and several instructional and design books for creating robotics.

In response to the donation, Ms. Jones shared:

Thank you for supporting a new generation of women engineers!… thank you for sharing my vision of inspiring more young women toward careers in [STEM]!!”

About Odom Elementary School: Odom Elementary School is a Title 1 elementary school located in Austin, Texas, with a mission to provide an active and engaging learning environment enriched by human and technological resources.

About Techuity: Techuity is a privately held investment firm that focuses on providing the technical arm of early-stage startups.  By lessening the focus on capital, and increasing that focus on building products & services, Techuity seeks to leverage their vast technical expertise and experience to give their portfolio companies a jump-start into early revenue.