Investment Methodology uses a unique approach to start-up investment founded upon three key engagement tools.  We only engage with startups that fit into this methodology to fully utilize our core strengths and expertise.  These three areas cover aspects of general business, seed capital, as well as technology development.  Click on the links below to read more about each aspect of our investment methodology:

  1. “Techuity Investment”
  2. “5-Figure Funding”
  3. Consulting


Why this Approach?

Being “lean” is not just a buzzword, but a necessity for virtually any startup.  Unfortunately, most startups still struggle to apply these concepts to R&D, Technology, Software, etc.  Why?  – Because it is too easy for a technical person or team to run wild with personal preferences and motivations that run contrary to business needs.  Highly technical contributors (e.g. engineers, software developers, etc.), while necessary to building the technology, are typically not the best at making critical business decisions and all-too-frequently do not build or design technology systems in a way that optimizes the objectives of the business.  The result? – wasted capital; lots and lots of wasted capital.

Over many years of working with companies of all sizes and stages, we’ve seen 10s of millions of dollars wasted time and again by poor engineering process, “re-engineering”, “re-structuring”, “re-building”, or thrown-away efforts.  When technology efforts tend to be some of the most expensive aspects of a business, this is a key area for applying a lean approach.  Most often, this means ensuring the technical resources are being managed and applied in a way that is optimal for the business, rather than optimal for the technologist.

Startups fail when cash runs dry, regardless of the idea, product, or amazing team.  One of the greatest costs to a start-up is technology.  Under-engineering or over-engineering are both expensive mistakes that most technology startups make simply because they are missing the right driver of their technology resources – missing the right leadership.  With our focus on Techuity™-based contribution, we ensure a lean and business-optimized approach to engineering.  When we engage with a tech-oriented start-up, we want it to succeed.  This is why we insist on providing Techuity to our firms – so we can drive the technology in a way that optimizes the capital spent and drives quickly towards the success of the firm.

We build technology to be customer-driven, pivot-ready, and set to scale to the common growth curves of promising businesses.

We invest in startups where this value can be leveraged to its fullest.