Techuity Investment ™

The core of our investment methodology is our experience and expertise with modern web, mobile, internet and other Information Technologies.  This background and experience provide the ability to explore, vet, and develop new and innovative ideas that utilize or are founded on or around these areas.

Each of our investments contains some element of technical “sweat equity.”  This may include direct development resources, access to resources, and/or the synergistic collaboration and integration with other technologies.  Being experts in the fields of software and IT, we are able to provide start-ups or entrepreneurs with leveraged ability to develop and scale their technology.  In lieu of capital (or in addition to it), we develop technologies for equity, and we call this “Techuity Investing” ™.

We do not invest in start-ups that are unable to leverage our unique contribution of Techuity.  In other words, firms looking only for investment capital should look elsewhere.