Co-founding of Sentius – B.I. for Private Healthcare Practices

Lehi, UT – announced today the co-founding of Sentius, a business intelligence (BI) firm dedicated to providing local and benchmarking insights to small, private, healthcare practices.  Sentius will utilize licensed technology from the University of Utah to mass-scale business insights for improving efficiencies, productivity, profitability, and healthcare for small and privately-owned practices.

Early beta testers have reported substantial value from insights provided through the Sentius analysis engine, including one office manager who reported that Sentius could “help grow [his] business by 10-20% per year.”  Insights include a wide range of intelligence and metrics that are localized to the practice as well as benchmarked according to a variety of measures.  Sentius is quickly establishing relationships with key channel partners and technology services to establish a solid footing for rapid growth and is optimistic about significant growth over the coming months.

More information is expected to be released once Sentius has completed the beta testing cycle.

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About Sentius

Sentius is a Business Intelligence firm that focuses on providing unique business, clinical, and other insights to the small, private healthcare market.  Headquartered in Utah, Sentius provides technology services that allow highly scalable, flexible, and customizable insights to practices across the United States and across multiple disciplines.  Sentius seeks to create economic value by allowing small practices the ability to focus more on patient care while keeping a competitive advantage in business.